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After Putin’s Russia helps Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

After Putin’s Russia helps Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

by irleaksOctober 20, 2015

For now the world looks in astonishment and bewilderment, as Russia exert’s it’s force in military actions to assist Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

What is already happening is that Syrians have fled, leaving much of the country a deserted ghost town. What also is leaving Syria is extremists and terrorists.  They are fleeing every which way, as far as their resources can take them. Some under disguise are entering the EU.  They come, very few with children, many young middle aged men to a new land of opportunities.  For some it is a new life of safety but for other’s its a new place to setup up terrorist cells.

The EU, the US and UK did not expect this, but now the reality is happening. Young men, not armed now, but with resources are planting themselves all over the region. Not just the EU.

Take a look at the region and where the factions of the rebels, terrorists, Sunni’s, Shi’Ite’s, ISIS are relocating being forced from Syria.


At first you think when you hear about the refugees fleeing they are coming to the EU, but take a closer look.  Cario, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey are the closest countries.

This is where people are being forced to, whether they are good or evil.  As Hungary,  and Solvokia close their borders the people are left to stay.

Let us zoom out a little


Now you can see what could happen very quickly.
Croatia is flooded out, so now the refugees must move back to Bosnia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece. They can also move into Italy, then to France, Spain, Switzerland, Belguim. From Romania, they can enter the Ukraine to Poland, cross the sea to Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

If you were a refugee stuck in Croatia, where would you want to go next?  You would head to Romania, Ukraine, then Poland, or to Italy.

What will this bring to these countries ?  For Israel, it is much concern as Russia’s Putin, drives out the ISIS and terrorists to head to that region.

Who will get the failed but armed missles, drones and downed plans from Russia scattered all over the region.

Time will only tell, but the human eye can already see the predictable.

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