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Americans it time to wake up and put a stop to government spying & punishing wistle blowers

Americans it time to wake up and put a stop to government spying & punishing wistle blowers

by irleaksJune 25, 2013

How many spy programs, Government czars, Presidential veto mis-use, prosecution of whistle blowers will it take before America wakes up? Finspy   spying through your TVfacial recognition softwareUS Government Spies on Citizens through Cellphone Cam, Microphone, Tablet, Laptop and Computers & Cameras,  tracking and spying on citizens / peoplecell phone trackingPRISM  ..

Come on, Wiki Leaks was great to be a pioneer in exposing such atrocities.  What can you do?  March, demonstrate, write, get on the news, whistle blow, ask every politician to put an end to this privacy breech

How many other secret programs are out there that we don’t know about yet?   Now comes drones,  cities are starting to use them to track your every move,  just imagine, every stop light red camera, every financial purchase in store or online or bank your watched and monitored, every secret neighborhood watch surveillance, access to businesses security cams (Walmart, etc).  But drones will be the next thing, you won’t be able to leave your house.

If Hitler had this technology he probably would of won the war! The war is in America as one ex-holocost member put’s it 

‘You’re screwed, America’

This person is probably right, because how many Americans are really going to stand up and do something about it,  usually it is the minority who try and do something while the other American’s sit back on there ass and take it up the butt! Sorry to be crude, but it’s the truth!
Obama and this administration is a modern day Hitler Organization!

Only time will tell what Americans will do, if they will fight with their life for their freedom


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