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Clinton fabricates story about Wikileaks fabricating leaked information

Clinton fabricates story about Wikileaks fabricating leaked information

by irleaksAugust 20, 2016

The newest red-lies from the campaign to the media is that Wikileaks is it’s leaked information.

We support WikiLeaks because they meticulously read, examine and verify all leaked information just as we do with our source material.  We also verify from other media reports.

Here are some things that Clinton is Fabricating:

1) Health issues – The Clinton’s are choosing to use their media power to support their lies concerning Hillary’s health. Instead of proving there is no condition, for example giving a live press conference with lights, flashes, showing she can walk up the stairs by herself, or exit an SUV without a million dollar extra step, she continues to slam those who talk about these facts as conspiracy theorists. We have learned she has the following life-threatening conditions which make her unfit for Presidency, reported in our news.

2) The fact she will use her “red-bating ” to the media that any leaks or reports are fabricated, actually in the opposite support’s the leaks are true, but that she wants to create “speculations” among the wavering voters and supporters.

3) The fact remains through emails, secret service leaks, personal assistant leaks, DNC leaks that the Clinton campaign is doing everything including having leakers (as the DNC leaker) murdered to cover up her damaging tracks. Although that has worked before including Vince Foster and many others, as a Presidential candidate, she can no longer get away with her mafia like tactics to win her political aspirations.

Hillary has always been a liar and twisting the rules to benefit her agenda.

Hillary was fired at age 27 as an Attorney during Watergate because they said consistently lies, and was trying to violate the constitution and rules of the committee.


So when @hillaryclinton say “no, I am not guilty” it means “YES i am guilty but no not guilty of anything any other notorious criminal has done.” When documents prove she was paid close to 1 billion dollars by Putin / Russia to secure 33% of America’s Uranium for the past several years and is continuing today as her Secretary of State authorization – it means she is guilty not only of murder, pre-conceived, conspiracy to murder, but also perjury, fraud, abuse and over-use of government power, and many other crimes.

So we encourage more inter-circle Clinton leaks, from her own staff, her own campaign staff, secret service and more hacked leaks from Russia, Iran, Iraq, China and other countries that have an interest in exposing the real Hillary Clinton.

Our leaker has lost a personal life of freedom, and was almost murdered by the Clintons,  but now is safe from the reach of Hillary’s extended arm.  Please read how to leak to us securely on this site.

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