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Microsoft Bing Botched runs Google Scroogled Mis Leading Campaign

Microsoft Bing Botched runs Google Scroogled Mis Leading Campaign

by irleaksFebruary 8, 2013

Microsoft Attacks Google on Gmail Privacy  New York Times)

Microsoft off Target in Scroogled Ad’s  - San Francisco Chronicle 
Microsoft Launches A Lame Attempt To Destroy Gmail

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Seriously, This Again? New, Aggressive Marketing From Microsoft Warns Gmail Users That Google Reads Their Email  - Tech Crunch

IS Bill Gates behind these attacks, because Bill and Steve Jobs used to fight like this when they first started, and where did it get them ? 

Microsoft is Botched! – Bing Botched! – that is.  They join the rankings of Apple in their frivolous lawsuits and ad campaigns.

Microsoft against Google, against the world.  Why is this so botched up?  Because Microsoft runs their own ads in their email, and does the very things they claim Google does.   The San Francisco Chronicle says “It’s become embarrassing to watch Microsoft try again and again to sling flimsy arrows at the business practices and ethics of Google, as the search giant continues to clean the software company’s clock.”  Chronicle  should say the same about Apple. 

So just start binging around or skydrive or outlook etc, and you find Microsoft is guilty of the same thing and allows FACEBOOK  and other culprits to place ad’s inside your email.   Just send an email from Outlook, your recipient gets spammed with advertisements. 

So there are people calling Microsoft’s failed efforts as Bing Botched!  We also need a botched up name for Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Office, Messenger, Skydrive, and we can soon add them wreaking havoc on Skype 
Come on Microsoft, how many employee’s do you have. I am sure there are some new creative inventors in your staff , use their fresh ideas without the tech politcs and you might come up with something new. 
Here’s some ideas for you:
1) Wordpad is great – why not develop a small free office suite based off of this non resource hog
2) Seperate Windows from Metro  ,   Metro be its own OS, then take the bare minimum Windows resources (even more than you did with WIndows 7 Starter) and create a new OS .
3) Create a Linux based alternative  Apple did it and now its their main software, Google is on to it and the Market needs someone to influence Adobe and some other major software players to develop for Linux (oh and don’t mess it up,  use a nice engine like Ubuntu, Mint, ChromeOS etc uses,  not a proprietary one )
4) You have already botched up 365 Office 2013 –  its more a resource hog than the older programs – scratch it and redo something clean and fasy, maybe purchase libre office or something – now your on to something – libre works in all 3 OS environments! 
5) Access is outdated – you need something better – and slim like old Foxbase but something with 4GL RDBMS in it, SQL etc.. Something business can really latch on to,  small to midsize then grow from it – and integrate the 4gl into the web so the apps can run on the web
6) Seems like you need your own blogger or website creator in the cloud – other players are trying, but WordPress really has some good things going,  Google Sites and Blogger are moving that way – You introduce some nice Web /Blog options you might get some people back and some new blood.
7) can you do all this without making it bloatware?  that would be a big improvement
8) can you get something out there in the next 3-6 months,  this will generate some nice spark
Well either you re-innovate re-invent the wheel or say good bye because you are rolling down the hill very fast
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