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Moving to a secure Linux system

Moving to a secure Linux system

by irleaksAugust 18, 2015

We have advised you how to use a bootable tails system, you can also switch your PC over to Linux and get a way from 99% of the security flaws.

Finally the release of Windows 10 has come to people, and proven to be the buggyist release since Microsoft’s history.  Over 50 million upgraded, but over 30 million have went back to their original version.  Microsoft has sent out 300 critical updates since it was released in hopes to fix suffering problems. Many of them still exist.

We have created for you the Dummy’s Guide to Linux and how to switch safely and easily.  Please note we cannot take responsibility for problems. Please backup so you can undo everything if you need to.


Backup is a must

First we recommend you back that system up, if you ever decide to go back, you can easily or if something goes wrong you can get back easily.

First, use CCleaner to clean up junk and then delete any other things on your hard drive you don’t want to keep.  Click the anaylize button, then run the cleaner after it is done to clean up all the junk files.

The best free tool for backup is a piece of software called Macrium reflect. You will need an external drive that can fit your image, but the image is compressed.  If you used 100 GB on your harddrive, it takes about 66GB.   A 500GB or 1TB backup drive will do the job.

If you have your data on a separate partition, or drive back that up to using the image software, and also backup your data (files) using Teracopy  (for fast file copying) manually to the drive so you can get to them easily.

Also you might want to sync sign-in  to Firefox and Chrome to backup your passwords and bookmarks.  Remember those account settings and passwords.

You might want to view  list of installed programs, if you have a lot, so you can find your free alternative ones on linux.  Belarc has a free advisor that gives you everything.

Once you have everything backed up its on to the next step


Verify your backups

Macrium has a option that will verify the backup, please do this and also check your manual back of files that they exist.


Getting your Linux ISO to make a bootable CD or USB

Get Linux Mint Cinnamon if you have a x64 system download the x64 iso, x86 (for 32 bit) iso is for an older system. To check right mouse click on My Computer , properties.  Also My Computer may be called This PC.  Under system, it tells you the system type 32 bit or 64 bit.  If you are familiar with torrents, mint downloads in a few minutes using their torrent link.

Check your MD5Sum to make sure you have a good copy of the .iso file

This is a must because if you do not, you might have a bad OS.

“If you go to the Mint Downloads page you will notice a row “MD5″ under the release name this MD5 value will look like a big mess of numbers and letters.
this is a unique value for the iso file used to check if the iso you downloaded is the same as the one on the site.

Download the free app “WinMd5Sum” Portable – is really a portable, not installing into system.
After downloading the target file “winMd5SumPortable_1.0.1.55_Rev_3_English.paf.exe”  just run it.

Just click at the right “3 dots button” when you will browse and select the file. Immediately, after selecting file, the md5 hash is calculated and visible in the “Md5 Sum” window. The last empty window is useful to paste (Ctrl + V) hash to be compared with the file calculated


Making a bootable USB or CD

The guide to making a bootable USB or CD


From Windows, you can use ‘Pendrive Linux Universal USB Installer’:

Alternatively, you can use ‘Image Writer’, an open source project from Launchpad.

Note: You might need to rename the ISO file and change its extension from .iso to .img for it to be accepted by Image Writer. To do this in Windows you can disable the setting ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ under ‘Folder Options’.



Installing Mint

Reboot your PC or Laptop

Press your ESC key many times (or the key that let’s you change your boot device on startup)

Select your USB or CD/DVD which ever method you created

Follow the video guide


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