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Stand and fight because your personal freedom is at stake the CISA deal

Stand and fight because your personal freedom is at stake the CISA deal

by irleaksJuly 30, 2015
If Facebook Users, Android Users, Google Users don’t stand
up and tell these companies, “enough is enough, if you continue back this
deal, we will leave you .”

Cybersecurity Bill Advances Despite Privacy Concerns

If you don’t take action as a user then
the government CIA, FBI, NSA will be free at
their leisure log every keystroke, every voice conversation, every web visit,
every email, every search, open your webcam on your pc, laptop, smart tablet,
phone and smart device
not only that they will control every place you
are, every place you are shopping, log every camera, when you swipe that card,
or pay cash because your smart phone is equipped with facebook, android,
google, apple, microsoft is with you  and
tracking you.
you will be monitored where you work because
business will be required to open the back door to these agencies.
auto makers will allow the gps to track your
every move, and apartment complexes also will have to open the back door.
and you will be identified no longer a free
citizen but a mere victim of the biggest communist movement since Hitler
The CISA which is the biggest breach of personal in
the history of the world besides that which Edward Snowden himself revealed to
the press
you will be allowing what Edward Snowden tried to protect
you from, despite what the intercept just reported about Snowden is saying
about these big tech companies.
So here it is, an Open Letter you can modify and send to the
companies you use including Apple and Microsoft too!
Dear big companies including Google, Microsoft, Apple,
Facebook, and every small company I do business with, and ever Politician I
I hereby object to CISA 
as I also objected to CISPA  if
you do not get behind me and put a stop to this bill that wants to sign here
is what will happen to you
I will change my phone provider to a prepaid in which i will
pay cash for (after I destroy my current phone, and walk to the nearest prepaid
center), and use something like Sailfish, ubuntu, or Firefox OS
I will change my computer’s operating system to something
like Linux Mint whether I am an apple or Microsoft user.
I will change my email provider to,
and use thunderbird to send encrypted emails to everyone.
I will leave my social network in quest for one who does not
allow governments to have a back door, something like the upcoming Tabs Project
I will change my online documents and storage provider to something
like the upcoming Tabs Project or for my storage or free online
storage with encryption.
I will pull my GPS out of my automobile, or opt for a
scooter or bicycle or older auto without GPS tracking.
If the company I work for will not support it’s employees
that are against these privacy rights I will seek employment elsewhere or
become self employed
To my bank, I will leave and use a secure bank or online
bank to do my business, or work with cash. 
I will use prepaid credit cards to make purchases
If you think I am not serious then don’t object to CISA or
CISPA  or any future attempt, because
when I will leave, and I will, for companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google,
Yahoo, Facebook this will mean that all other things I use that you provide me
with will be gone.
Now to be serious it might take me a few weeks or months to
complete my transitions, but hear me now, I am already making plans to start
securing some of my life now as it is.
And Microsoft better hear me, because if you lock me out
when I upgrade or get a pc with windows 10 with your secure boot EFI from not
installing linux, think again, there are linux based pcs and laptops out there.
Apple there are free programs like music bee to play my
music and aimersoft to convert any of my videos and audio.  So leaving you is not so difficult.
I hope I will get a reply that I am a valued customer / or
company that uses your products and that you will begin to fight privacy
including CISA from ever being accomplished. 
If I don’t then I will start my transition in the next few weeks.
Oh and by the way, if you think I cannot get out of any
contracts, think again, because invasion of privacy gives me every right to
cancel my contract.
Hopefully yours,
…..your name…..
Here is  how to
contact the big companies  
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Microsoft Way
WA 98052-6399
701 First
CA 94089
(408) 349-3300
Fax: (408) 349-3301
Facebook Headquarters
1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 996-1010

Politicians, search your local government on the internet

Now for those of you that want to start transitioning to more
secure things, you can start making some switches now. 


First of all get an external hard drive that you can
encrypt, you also going to need access to some techy people but some things are
pretty easy.
The biggest problem you will encounter is people who are not
so privacy conscience.  Communicating
with them, may be a challenge. But I am sure if you sent them an encrypted
email, they would want to ask you how to read it.
1) change your web searching to duckduckgo, and your browser
to something secure like Pale Moon, and use privacy anonymous browsing.  
2) if you are going to bookmark things, like many people
like to do you want something like :
3) think about where you store stuff online,  first you are going to need to download
everything from your current online provider, whether that is iCloud, Google
Driver, Onedrive  (microsoft) etc.  put all this in one secure folder that is
   you are going to
need something that can encrypt a drive or folder  :
   and something like
swissdisk or justcloud to keep your docs secured,  like docs that you need access    wherever you are .
4) think about storing stuff, stuff like music, photos
videos don’t really need encryption – you can use the free online storage
places like which is recommended by snowden , to store those kinds of
  but  another idea is a 30 – 60 Gb USB drive with
encryption -  now you have your stuff
with you all time
  and if you are a
whistleblower think about digital camera SD cards, compact and easy to hide and
you   can encrypt and secure easily.
5) but wait I use twitter, facebook, and google plus to
market my company or project –
   ok then you will
need an account with google, but you can always use your private browser to
   to these services
and , make sure you have a dedicated secure browser just for facebook that you
use   incognito mode to log in to faebook (this
creates a sandbox so facebook can’t get outside and see what you are doing, and
believe me they do.  if you were to open
your email in the same browser while logged into facebook you will now have all
your contacts imported and keywords / tags of things your email contains.
Facebook is only the first contender in this, Microsoft is the first.  If you have windows 8 or windows 10 you log
in any place not incognito or private, they will now have all your facebook
contacts and birthdays email contacts and birthdays and much more you didn’t know
you gave them access to.
We recommend using a separate secure private browser (  ) for each social network. The good news is
the tabs project will be secure and you will still be able to communicate to
any other social network.
Now in just 5 steps you have secured your storage, email,
searching, bookmarks, and needed social networking in the first transition
Next transition,  you
can sign up for secure email service or you could use google , via the
thunderbird email client, using …. to encrypt every email. 
ok by now  life is
just a change  a little, you have some
place like copy to store stuff that you don’t need encrypted.
you are private browsing even when online banking
you are using a encrypted email system if not sign up for
one , like previously mentioned or
so maybe you want to move your android to more secure — a
couple of ways,  delete android or dual
boot to ubuntu touch, or a linux based os, just google it , it is fairly easy
or you can install all the apps you want then erase your
google account from the tablet, sure you may not get updates but you can pretty
much use the tablet 
or third you can create a new email that you want for google
play store and keep your info factitious 
Going further
you can cover your webcam on your pc but if you switch to
linux this probably won’t be needed.
1) switching to linux – we recommend Linux Mint Cinnamon
version it is the closest thing to windows and secure
you will need to uninstall the default office suite and use
kingston office which is almost a exact clone of microsoft office for free
  if you use adobe
products this will be your downfall somewhat you can install oracle virtual box
   and install windows
7 then use the virtualbox to use your adobe product,  you will have to share
   your external
drives to share docs you edit back and forth, or just do all your creative
inside virtual box  and by the way
running windows 7 inside virtual box, is so much faster.. 
  you will have to get
use to other programs like graphic design programs but in a few months you will
ask yourself why did you ever use Apple OSX or Windows – no more bugs, no
malware, and everything is so fast
   you could dual boot
, like I do , and use linux 90 percent of the time — and gradually work
yourself away from windows - 
Encrypting files in linux – there are many programs that
will do this, and folders as well, which is the best method —
   but you also want a
way to get to those files if your laptop or pc is not available right — enter
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