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September 1, 2015

Microsoft Updates allow NSA to listen and track users

Over the past years #Microsoft has been caught red handed, giving information out to the the #NSA.

Now Microsoft allows the NSA to track you without a spyware program. In the past Microsoft was caught allowing the  NSA to read your emails before encrypting them.   They have been caught allowing the NSA to grab Skype conversations.  They have given the NSA a back door to track or access your computer.  Click our database for more Microsoft NSA agreements

Now through updates the joint venture between the Microsoft Nsa is through Microsoft updates. We learned recently that Microsoft is no longer going to label what the update does, before this goes into effect we found [...]

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November 13, 2013

Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, AOL NSA BackDoor – has given NSA open Backdoor, Collects personal information, location, monitors activity and conversations

Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, AOL NSA backdoor  -  has given NSA open Backdoor, Collects personal information, location, monitors activity and conversations

These tech companies have given the NSA exclusive open backdoors, and when the companies brag that the NSA requests are low, they covering up the fact about the backdoor, and only give the public official legal requests which amount to small numbers. The backdoor has given a file on every Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, AOL, and Yahoo user. Interestingly, Google has not given them a backdoor.

According to NSA leaker Edward Snowden from files obtained before his Asylum in Russia, the documents reveal [...]

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September 29, 2013

NSA tapes 20 billion phone records Every Day, social media – Data Mining

PRISM, XKeyscore, FinSpy, Mainway are just a few of the programs NSA has to read, listen to, and watch everything you do! A METADATA COLLECTION SYSTEM THAT RECORDS 20 BILLION EVENTS PER DAY Think about this.. they watch you in your own living room,  bedroom, bathroom, auto, work office, 

smartphone,  connect the data to your credit card,  so every retailer, airport or security  Traffic cam cam knows who and where you are  The National Security Agency is using its vast stores of communications data to build detailed graphs of Americans’ social ties, according to a new report, raising [...]
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June 25, 2013

Americans it time to wake up and put a stop to government spying & punishing wistle blowers

How many spy programs, Government czars, Presidential veto mis-use, prosecution of whistle blowers will it take before America wakes up? Finspy   spying through your TV, facial recognition software. US Government Spies on Citizens through Cellphone Cam, Microphone, Tablet, Laptop and Computers & Cameras,  tracking and spying on citizens / people, cell phone tracking, PRISM  ..

Come on, Wiki Leaks was great to be a pioneer in exposing such atrocities.  What can you do?  March, demonstrate, write, get on the news, whistle blow, ask every politician to put an end to this privacy breech. 

How [...]

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Microsoft Updates allow NSA to listen and track users
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