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US Government Spies on Citizens through Cellphone Cam, Microphone, Tablet, Laptop and Computers & Cameras

US Government Spies on Citizens through Cellphone Cam, Microphone, Tablet, Laptop and Computers & Cameras

by irleaksSeptember 1, 2011

Updated with new information Mar 1, 2012

US Government Spies on Citizens through Cellphone Cam, Microphone, Tablet, Laptop and Computers & Cameras  Update:  This story should be bigger than any leaked spy program, bigger than keyscore bigger than anything, this directly taps into and does not have to decode anything.

Communist Countries have done the same, but for years and ever growing is the US Citizen Spy Network USCSN .  So beware you are tracked, followed, listened to, watched, recorded, investigated, and the problem is getting worse.  Your privacy is gone.

This is something out of the Cold War days,  it seems like something you would believe living in the Russia or some communist country but it happens everyday in your own car, pocket, public restroom, home TV, computer, smartphone, gas pump, grocery store, highway, traffic light, bedroom, office, you name it’s everywhere.

Enter before 9/11, a Tampa based company began to experiment with software that took a photo of people when they made purchases.

They then used all of the information on your credit card,  name, social security number, bank account, address, phone number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name…   and they put it into facial recognition software.    Now anytime one of their camera’s sees you it quickly identifies you.  How do you think they found Christopher Dorner so fast?  
Every street corner has a camera, like the old communist days, every place you go, you are monitored like your own prison within a city. 
Enter 9/11 the goverment spy network is created and 
Here is where it got scary,  now they have began spying through your TV, Webcam on your computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.  
Our source said one night they were watching TV and a red light came on their TV
, they didn’t think of anything by then they also noticed their phone lit up. 
So they got curious and called their computer geek son to come in the room, bringing his laptop, he opened it and search and then they noticed the red light on the laptop was on, they were being watched, but what for.  It turns out that the mother was talking to her friend about her daughters theatrical production and said it was a bomb, that triggered their phone to be tapped. 
But what is even more scary is that this software can turn your webcam on your phone, computer, tablet, ipad etc  without using the light so you don’t  even know your being recorded, some pervert in the NSA watches you go to the bathroom, have sex, shower, this is recorded in the governments main frames forever, your private life is very open.
Within seconds they were being watched and listened to by the NSA, CIA and the USCSN.
It didn’t take long for the Goverment to start hacking their financial records and not only that their computer geek son found malware, specifically  FinSpy 
FinSpy is malware that is downloaded to your computer without you knowing from the USCSN and NSA to audio record, video record, keystroke record, monitor your emails, every website you go to, every document you write or make and it is entered in their super computers stored for ever.
Update Oct 2011 Wiki Leaks Obtains Official Docs  
If this article is disturbing it should be,  just think your voice, your photos, your video, your conversations, your documents, emails all being probed and stored
and investigated..  look out your window –  do you see a car out front?  maybe it is the parked car or van down the street?  what’s that red light up on the telephone pole, is it a video recording my neighborhood, and wire tapping in to my house?  
Your cellphone is a GPS tracker and even with the battery taken out, you have to destroy it to stop them from tracking you. 
If your getting paranoid you should be,  you are tracked, and if they gather enough evidence against you because they think you might be a terrorist or threat to the country, they come and get you and your life is over as you knew it.
What can you do?  Write every politician to put an end to this privacy breech.   

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