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What the Iran nuclear deal is really about Key details

What the Iran nuclear deal is really about Key details

by irleaksSeptember 15, 2015

What the is really about Key details

First of all trade hungry countries, like Germany, France, the United States are the Nazi’s behind the deal.

What the deal does not prohibit

Iran from purchasing nucular powers, bombs, military machines, uranium from other countries.

The deal only requires Iran to deplete it’s uranium at 3 percent. They will not be able to make their own uranium. But purchase and sell, they all doors, windows and shipments are open.

Any educated person can cleary understand what the deal means. What it clearly lifts is the ability for Iran to obtain nuculear weapons.

So much propaganda has hit the world, no one really knows the truth but in simple terms we just spelled it out for you.



What may be more exposed is ‘s ties to his family history which would support such a terrorist menance.

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