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Why are zika virus solutions already on the front? What does @HillaryClinton have to do with it? GMOs
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Why are zika virus solutions already on the front? What does @HillaryClinton have to do with it? GMOs

by irleaksAugust 28, 2016

This is the question people should be asking themselves, why are 7 companies on the forefront and some already approved by the FDA ?  Didn’t the Zika Virus die off in 1947 ?

How did the spread all the way across the ocean? Fact: Mosquito species preferring to breed around the house, like the Asian Tiger Mosquito, have limited flight ranges of about 300 feet. Most species have flight ranges of 1-3 miles. Certain large pool breeders in the Midwest are often found up to 7 miles from known breeding spots.

So who is behind this virus and corruption, could it be those in political power?  What do the leaked emails and phone messages to Hillary Clinton have to do with this.  Although we have yet to confirm and validate every source, it is alleged that had much to do with it.

History:  Uganda was where the virus first broke out, but why, from what could cause such sickness and birth defects?

From 2007 to 2016, the virus spread eastward, across the Pacific Ocean to the Americas, leading to the 2015–16 Zika virus epidemic.  Source: wiki.

Our source tells us that in 2007 Hillary had her sights on running for President, running against Obama and promising donors to the , that she would make sure these companies got funded.  However the inhumane plan failed as Hillary Clinton lost to rival Barak Obama.

That did not stop her, in 2009 after she suggested someone murder Obama, President Obama, then appointed her as Secretary of State.  Anyone with sense would wonder why this happened, and no one tried to take the President out.  Preceding Barack Obama‘s 2009 nomination of Hillary Clinton as U.S. Secretary of State, Bill Clinton agreed to accept a number of conditions and restrictions regarding his ongoing activities and fundraising efforts for the Clinton Presidential Center and the Clinton Global Initiative.[14] Accordingly, a list of donors was released in December 2008.[15]

It was some of those initiatives that played out while Madam Secretary Clinton was in power.  In 2016, the Reuters wire news service reported that the Clinton Foundation suspected that it had been the target of a cyber security breach. As a consequence of the suspected cyber security breach, Clinton Foundation officials retained a security firm, FireEye, to evaluate its data systems. The cyber security breach has been described as sharing similarities with cyberattacks that targeted other institutions, such as the Democratic National Committee.[24]

It was those same data breaches that hackers obtained emails from Clinton’s illegal and private email server, containing classified information, and damaging emails concerning Hillarys abuse of power to the Clinton Foundation donors.

One of those donors, Oxitec gave upwards of 35 Million to the Clinton Foundation in favor of winning FDA approval for their genetically altered Mosquitoes that can fend off the Virus Female Mosquitoes.  First field trials were performed on Grand Cayman, the largest island of the Cayman Islands, supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, starting in 2009.  Bill Gates also is listed as a donor the the Clinton Foundation at the same time Hillary was Secretary of State.  In August 2015 Oxitec was purchased by U.S.-based Intrexon Corp in a deal valued at $160 million.[4]  Approximately 3.3 million of the transgenic male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes were released. The experiments demonstrated that the animals were able to survive in this environment and produce offspring. Some eleven weeks after the release a decline in the Aedes aegypti, mosquito population by about 80% was observed. Larger-scale releases could possibly result in even higher reductions. The tests were deemed a success by scientists, at the same time criticism on the communication policy has been voiced.[9] In May 2016 Grand Cayman announced a program to use Oxitec mosquitoes to combat the virus. The first phase will inform the community about the programme. The next phase will treat an area with about 1,800 residents in West Bay, and comparing it with an equivalent untreated area. If all goes well, the project will expand across the island.[10]

This is not the only company mentioned in the emails and phone messages to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

MosquitoMate is another which leads to the question, how did these virus carrying mosquitos get to these areas that these large corporations wanted to test their new experiments?

Many traders and investors already have made their Zika investments and bets. With newer funding at hand, if it is finalized, investors might want to avoid the risks of some companies. You might want to read this article about 7 other companies already prepared with to fight this man-made virus.

To verify the support of Hillary Clinton, recently she confirmed.  “I really am hoping that they will pay attention. In fact, I would very much urge the leadership of Congress to call people back for a special session and get a bill passed. Get a bill that is focused on combating Zika passed,” Mrs. Clinton said as she toured a clinic in Miami, where the first mosquito-spawned cases in the continental U.S. were confirmed late last month, spreading fear in much of the country.

Why is she so interested again? Because she is no longer in power, and without political power, she can’t help the donors to her foundation that want the government to approve new methods.

What did we find?

In the batches of emails, we found fragments, and threads and strings of information linking the phone messaging leaks of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, to the leaked emails.  But there are so many emails and so many code names it takes a good detective to piece the puzzle together.

We believe that the next batch of emails released by @WikiLeaks will help us confirm this story and we also call on other leakers and hackers to bring us more information that links Hillary to Zika.

If this is confirmed with more sources, then absolutely without a doubt Hillary Clinton has been involved in spreading one of the most damaging viruses that have killed multiple people and caused hundreds if not thousands of birth defects.

If these genetically altered Mosquitoes cause more health problems, or modern day brain dead Zombies, or other problems, Hillary will also be linked to that.


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